Server Hangs

Have a couple of our servers hanging at random, intermittant times.  we think we have nailed it down to BE11d backing up the DFS shares which is causing resourse issues, low memory etc.  event id 8021, 8032,  then some application erros on screen, many sophos errors event 15, storage agents 4609, 3329, 3331, 4099, 4097, 515.  we then have to reboot the server.

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wantabe2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
make sure the server NIC is set at the same duplex & speed as the switch port it is plugged into.
I have backup exec & this happened to two of my servers. We ended up fixing our problem by moving from a hub to a LAN switch. The problem was network congestion with me. I've learned BE loves for the NIC & the switch port setting to be set at 100 full duplex.
churchhousetrustAuthor Commented:
our servers are on a mixture of 100mb or 1g ports on switches
churchhousetrustAuthor Commented:
ouor speeds were not the same between 2 switches!
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