Sending copy of email to another user


We are running Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003/2007. Our domain is

I would like all email from (an external sender) forwarded to

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Urgent so max points
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Yes. In Exchange 2007 you could use a Transport Rule. These are like Outlook rules and are processed for all email hitting the Hub Transport Server(s). The Transport Rule could be configured to pick up all email from user@domain and BCC / forward it to another mailbox.


Not natively in Exchange 2003. There's no way you can create any sort of server-wide policy which will forward any email from that external sender, but sent to anyone in your organization. The hard way would be a rule in everyone's mailbox, but that would have to be created for each user and isn't really an acceptable solution.

You'd either have to program an event sink to do it, or look for some third-party software which can do that sort of forwarding. Perhaps some 'email security' package will have the feature.

kam_ukAuthor Commented:
But there is in Exchange 2007?
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