Problems with NT Backup

One of the SBS 2003 servers I support is having a backup problem.

We use NT Backup to do a daily backup (around 20Gb) to a 500Gb USB drive and this has worked perfectly for 6 months. Now we get the following error message:

=====================<BEGIN NTBACKUP LOG FILE>=====================
Backup Status
Operation: Backup
Active backup destination: File
Media name: "Small Business Server Backup (02).bkf created 19/02/2009 at 11:41"

Volume shadow copy creation: Attempt 1.
"MSDEWriter" has reported an error 0x800423f4. This is part of System State. The backup cannot continue.

Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:800423f4
Aborting Backup.


The operation did not successfully complete.


=======================<END NTBACKUP LOG FILE>=====================
NTBackup finished the backup with errors.

I've searched the EE database on "0x800423f4" and see I'm not alone.

1. We're on SP2, so it's not the service pack.
2. I re-registered the DLL and that didn't work.
3. There are no open files when the backup is running.

Any ideas please.


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mikeabc27Author Commented:
If I test manually and exclude System State it works fine, but included it reports the same error message.
Any ideas - besides excluding the system state??
Run two batch files, one before the bckup starts & one after it completes. The first one should run:

net stop vss

The second one should run

net start vss

Try this & if it works, then VSS is probbaly running or doing something at the same time or during your backup job.
mikeabc27Author Commented:
VSS in run started in Services.
mikeabc27Author Commented:
Doh!! Should read "VSS is NOT started in Services.
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