Blackberry Folder Redirection only showing Desktop

I am on a BES and have an 8830 BB.  When I went into folder redirection on the device it only shows Desktop and no mailbox.  Now I am receiving email and I am able to send but in the message view it is showing things I sent from my local outlook.  And the hide sent messages is off on the BB.  I resent the service books after I deleted the Desktop [CMIME] and nothing.  I then wiped the device and readded and nothing.  

any ideas??
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First thing I would do since you wiped the device is go to the BES and delete the user entirely from BES and then go thru activation, again etc... Let me know how it turns out.
How did you make out?
dblake15Author Commented:
I had to wipe the device and that did it.  What a pain though
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