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GroupWise migration from Novell to Window

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Last Modified: 2013-11-12

I am running Groupwise 7.03 on Novell 6.5.  I have four POs each on their own server.  I want to move my Groupwise environment to Windows 2003 servers.  The GWIA and webaccess run only one of these.  I am going to keep one Novell server just for eDirectory authentication for Groupwise.  

I have seen some good instructions for this on this site, but they seem more geared for if you only have one server.  Since I have more than one can I do them one at a time or should i move all my users to one PO/server and then migrate?

Also, I was told once that Shared folders nor Document Management work when you move Groupwise to Windows.
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First off, the obligatory phraseology corrections:

1) Novell is a company, not an O/S.
2) Windows is an O/S, not a company.

You are either moving GroupWise from NetWare (or if it's NW6.5 SP3 or later, OES) to Windows or you're moving GroupWise from Novell to Microsoft.

That said,

Firstly, I recommend that if you're going to only have one NetWare server, for eDirectory, then you're short at least one eDirectory replica.  You should also run eDirectory on at least one Windows or Linux server.  You have license to run GroupWise on Linux, with eDirectory, by virtue of having GroupWise 7.x, if I recall correctly.

Second, I don't know about shared folders and DMS not working when GW is on Windows.  I think you may be thinking of the Outlook connector - DMS and shared folders aren't supported via Outlook.  It's done differently in Exchange.

I don't see why you have to migrate if you're still using the same version of GroupWise and not changing to a different GW domain.  You should just be able to move the domain folder structure from the NetWare server to the Windows server, install the agents pointing to the data location, and you're off and running.

You may have seen this CoolSolutions tip: http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tip/19519.html where they mention how easy it is with a single-box GW move but say there can be complications with a multi-server domain on Windows, but it appears simply to be a permissions thing, where the servers have to be able to access each others' data stores - which can be "interesting" when you're going across platforms.  If the server that has the shared folders and libraries gets migrated last, you should be OK, by installing the Novell client32 on the Windows servers and setting up accounts in eDirectory with filesystem rights to those data locations so the services can be set up to log in to eDirectory and access the data stores via UNC path.  Once all the rest of the servers are moved, you should be able to move the last one, then change the services to use AD user ID's with share/NTFS permissions to those data stores.  In theory.


I appreciate the answer, but I understand the difference between the terminology, it was a typo.  I forgot to type Netware, but I did put 6.5

I am migrating because the company is migrating off of Novell Netware, but wants to continue to run Groupwise.  Based on your suggestion I will keep at least two Netware servers.

Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing Partner

Actually you can run eDirectory on Windows server to give you the required directory services to manage GroupWise.  User's don't authenticate to eDir to get into their GroupWise account.  I wouldn't recommend running both eDirectory and Active Directory on the same server but you can as long as you alter the LDAP ports (389 and 636 to something else so the second directory service added to the server won't step on the first from a LDAP perspective.

I have a client with 1,000 GroupWise mailboxes on Windows server that is completely Microsoft, except for GroupWise.  They have two servers (where GroupWise runs btw) that runs eDirectory too.

Hope that helps.

Or, you can run eDirectory on SLES, IIRC.  As I said, GW7 gives you license for eDir and the media kit should have a SLES distro disc.  If your management has a bug up their ... er, well, if they have a thing about having NetWare in the environment, then you can run eDir on SLES or Windows Server - it doesn't have to be NetWare.  (IMHO, it's a lot easier on NetWare, but that's me...)

The reason for eDir with GW7 in a non-NetWare environment is because (at least for GW through 7.x) you need to use ConsoleOne to manage GroupWise, and you need eDir to use C1.  You don't have to authenticate to eDirectory; you can turn off the eDir integrated authentication.

ZENandEmailguy, do you know if they've removed the eDir/C1 requirement with GW8?
Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing Partner

No.  eDirectory and C1 are still required for GW8.  Rumor has it that we'll see a new web management interface similar to the one that comes with ZENworks 10 Configuration Management for the next version GroupWise in 2010.

And you're right about eDir on SLES or RedHat for that matter.  eDirectory is just needed for management of GroupWise (account creation, agent management, etc.)



How would I get eDir running under Windows?  Would I be able to sync the objects from my existing Netwate 6.5 eDir?
Sr. Consultant/Managing Partner
What eDirectory version are you running on the NetWare servers today?  Type VERSION at the server console to tell.

Then, on a Windows server, download and install eDirectory 8.7.x or 8.8.x (whichever version appears on NetWare) from www.novell.com/downloads (search eDirectory and then download the .ISO from the site for the appropriate version you need).

The install will have you first install the Novell Client and I think a license file for eDirectory and then reboot.  Next it will auto-launch the installation of the eDirectory code/database and walk you through putting the server into your existing tree based on the NetWare servers.

Once in the tree, you put a replica onto the Windows server and wait for it to sync.  When that is done, you can change the Read/Write (R/W) to Master which auto changes the Master on the NetWare server to R/W.  Since you're putting the eDir/Windows server into the existing tree, it will receive all of the schema extensions that GroupWise or any other product has added.  That is why you don't want to create a "new" tree, just add the server to an "existing" one.

You may have to seek out an eDirectory license.  There isn't a cost for this but possibly a delay in getting the auto-mailer thingie at Novell to send it to you.  I've waited up to 48 hours in the past.  Sometimes the link for the license file has come in a few minutes though.

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Most of my experience is in Windows, I did work a lot with Netware years ago, do you know of any documentation that details the tasks you have listed? i.e Creating a replica, change R/W to Master?

Uhm, it's nice you gave ZENandEmailguy points for helping you with eDirectory, but the question was about migrating your GW domain to Windows, not installing eDirectory on Windows.

You should have at least split the points, since I directly addressed your move of GroupWise, and mentioned you should have more than one replica.
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