Netscreen 5GT create new trust zone

We need to create second trust zone on a netscreen 5gt. It using trust-untrust operational mode.
I can only find one trust and one un-trust is up now. How can i create second trust zone with other interface port? Two trust zone can not access each other.
I am a newie to netscree firewall, steps by steps is good to me.
Many thanks.
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Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
on the netscreen  5gt using trust-untrust port mode you can create additional zones, but you can not assign them to a specific LAN interface. interfaces 1 through 4 will always be trust.

you can however put the juniper in home-work port mode. this will assign work zone to port 1 and 2, and home zone to port 3 and 4. the home zone can not reach the work zone (even if you configure a firewall policy to allow it). the work zone can reach the home zone, but you can add a policy to prevent that.

let us know if you have other questions!
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