Phased migration from Merak to Exchange 2007

I am performing a phased migration from Merak Mail Server 8.5.0-9. I have the exchange server set up as an internal relay (non-authoritative) domain. Mail is routing inbound to the exchange server and if not resolved forwarded to the Merak server for delivery to the recipients not migrated yet. This is working correctly. My question is, "How can I migrate the mailing lists in Merak to Exchange distribution lists"? If I create the distribution lists on the exchange server I cannot add the mailbox until they are migrated.Am I going to have to manually add and remove list entries on both each time I migrate users? Has anyone done this that has found an easy solution?
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gkresgeAuthor Commented:
Can I change the Merak to distributed and have it query the exchange 2007 server for users that have been moved to exchange?
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