Installshield port 80 issue

I recently purchased installshield express 2009 for the purpose of packaging a web application as an install.  Everything works great except one thing - i want to use port 80 and every instance of IIS has a default web site on port 80.  It seems InstallShield will only install one web site per port even though you specify a different host header.  Natively with IIS you can host multiple sites on port 80 so long as each one has a unique host header and you can configure host headers with InstallShield.  To make it worse, if a site already exists on a port 80 (default web site) any settings you specify in the install are ignored.  So i'm looking for advice on how to handle this situation, preferrably without scripting but that may be the answer.  It seems that maybe i'm missing something with InstallShield and the product can do it without jumping through hoops.  I'd really rather not specify a different port as that would add a layer of complexity for users to navigate to the site.
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exrescueswimmerAuthor Commented:
This was actually a simple solution - you have to specify a host header and a site number to add additional sites on port 80...
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