allow only specific web pages in a terminal services session

i have a server 2003 domain. i have 2 terminal services servers running 2003 as well. i need to be able to allow my users access to ONLY a few select sites. these sites are all business related and require special setup for the users to be able to use them. some need an active x component installed in order to work properly. traditionally, i haven't allowed any internet explorer access on any of my term servers. the users had to use their pc. however, more and more sites require special setup and components installed so i am entertaining the thought of setting up the dozen or so sites on the term servers and granting access this way versus having to make sure it works on all of the pcs.
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jimponderConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Going here and reading through it will get you going.

I created an organization unit in AD called Terminal Servers and placed my servers in there and then created their own group policy.  That is how you can get specified policies to be applied to those machines as well as the tips noted in the link above.
joewy1Author Commented:
thx for the quick responses. i'll check the pages and get back.
joewy1Author Commented:
between the 2 suggestions, my situation was resolved.
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