Adobe Updater Not Working

I'm running XP Pro SP3 with ZoneAlarm and SpySweeper w/Antivirus.  I also run a bunch of Adobe apps like CS3 Web Standard, Acrobat Elements 6.0, Premier Elements 2.0, Reader 8.1.3, and Photoshop Album Starter 3.2.

The problem is that Adobe Updater does not work.  When I launch Adobe apps like Dreamweaver and Fireworks, the Adobe Updater window pops with nothing in it, I see internet traffic for a few seconds, then nothing.  If I click on Preferences, it does nothing.  Shutting down SpySweeper and ZoneAlarm doesn't make a difference.

I have verified that the Adobe Version Cue CS3 service is running.  Any ideas here?  If not, is there a way to reinstall Adobe Updater?
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LazNBlazAuthor Commented:
Still no word back from Adobe but I did the following:

Deactivate and uninstall CS3 and Reader.  Reboot (still get frozednAdobe Updater window) and run the CS3 clean tool (clean CS3 AND Adobe Reader).

Reboot (still get frozen Adobe Updater window) and unistall all other Adobe products I had.
Reboot (FINALLY! no more Adobe Updater window).
Run CCleaner to clean registry.

Reboot and reinstall CS3.  Activate CS3 and run updater and now it works!
Have you contacted Adobe?  The only thing I can really recommend is uninstalling the Suite and reinstalling it.  From what I can see, there is no way to just uninstall Adobe Updater.  
LazNBlazAuthor Commented:
No, but I checked the Adobe forums and searched for an hour here and on Google before posting here.  Lots of info on disabling Update, but nothing much on my problem or reinstalling Update.
I ended up googling and checking everywhere else too but nothing came up.  The only thing I can see is either running the repair option through uninstall, or completely uninstalling and reinstalling.  
One post I came across even suggested to reinstall windows.  :(
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