BES Activation Problem, Processing Stopped Invalid Pin

I'm having trouble trying to activate a user on my BES.  The O/S is 4.1.6 and I currently have 6 users configured.  (5 are Verizon, 1 is AT&T).  The user that is having trouble is a Verizon user and I encounter an issue when I'm trying to submit Enterprise Activation.  I verified with Verizon that his plan is "BES email through a corporate Exchange Server" and it never activates.  I add the user to BES, assign our company's group and IT policy to him, set the activation pw on BES, and finally, activate through the BB.  It continually tries on the device without any success.  On the BES, I noticed two things that were different on his ID profile:
Wireless Message Reconcillation: Disabled
IT Policy Status Message: Processing Stopped: Invalid PIN

Any thoughts?  I verifed that his BB is set to reconcille wirelessly and I wiped the device back to factory prior to activation
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Hi Jill,
Is this user using a Blackberry Storm? If it is, then you will have to update the BB OS and then try it again. Make sure the user wipes the phone and then do the sync again.
1) try a USB activation on the server itself

2) Is there already a device with the same PIN on your BES ?

I hope this helps !
Read my accepted answer here...  Might  be what you need.
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