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Need to set subreport's recordsource from the form that calls the report (based on user parameter)

I have an Access project with a SQL backend.  I am calling a report from a form, and the form has a field that allows the user to specify the number of weeks of history to show in a subreport on the main report (I want to go back to the first day of the weeks specified).  Here is the recordsource in Access:  "SELECT * FROM dbo.tblBidCINotes WHERE ((ciActionRequired = 0) OR (ciActionRequired = 1 AND ciDone = 1)) AND ciDate>='" & DATEADD("ww", -Forms!frmReportMenu!ctl_HistWeeks, (Date - Weekday(Date) + 1)) & "'"

Unfortunately, this doesn't work with a SQL backend, so I switched to a stored procedure that receives the ctl_HistWeeks parameter.  (It gets its value from a control by that name in the Report Header section of the main report.)  This works beautifully -- except that the subreport now ignores the Child and Parent Link properties of the subreport and shows ALL the history records for EACH detail record of the main report.

So I added another parameter to replace the link field, and put that control (ctl_bmID) in the DETAIL section of the main report.  Now the subreport is blank for all records.  Any ideas short of putting all the desired history records in a temporary table?  I'll post the stored procedure below.

      -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
      @ctl_HistWeeks int, @ctl_bmID int
      -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
      -- interfering with SELECT statements.
      Declare @datDate as datetime
      Set @datDate = Convert(datetime, Convert(Varchar(10), GetDate(), 101))
      SELECT * FROM dbo.tblBidCINotes WHERE ((ciActionRequired = 0) 
            OR (ciActionRequired = 1 AND ciDone = 1)) 
            AND (ciBMID=@ctl_bmID)          
            AND ciDate>=DATEADD(ww, -@ctl_HistWeeks, (@datDate - datepart(dw, @datDate) + 1))

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1 Solution
Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Yes the behaviour you're describing is, I believe, correct in that this functionality is analogous to when a recordset is assigned as a form/report's source and then link fields have no impact.
Rather than an entire set of values inserted into a temp table, would it not make more sense to just store the date parameters into a server table to be looked up rather than passed in as parameters.
That way the subreport's recordsource could be left as a self contained object which requires no parameter, you'd just have to set the table values prior to calling the report.
(And make them user specific of course - you don't want to simultaneous reporting requests to cause confusion!)
WMorrisseyAuthor Commented:
This worked great -- Thanks!

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