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Hi fellows!
I need to reconfigure the ISP connection on a Firebox x550e.
i have acess to the WatchGuard system Manager(software).  i Cannot find any pklace where i can CHANGE my isp configuration
It look like i have no choice but to go into Safe Mode to run the Quick Setup Wizard.

First, Is there a way to change this without having to restart in Safemode?
Secondo, what are the repercution if i boot up in safemode?
There is a lot of firewall and vpn configuration. I must be sure that nothing will be overwrited except the ISP setting. Could some precise me what are the repercution of booting in Safemode and changing the configuration?

According to the .pdf, to setup the router after booting up in safemode , i have to connect through : . My Firebox is currently configured in another subnet and ip address. Will i have to replace this address by the current address of my firebox?

Thank you for your quick responces!
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Substitute the example IP with the assigned internal IP address of the appliance.

Go to Wizards -> Setup the primary network interfaces of the Firebox X Edge -> Configure the external interface of your Firebox.

If you're having difficulty configuring it I highly recommend you talk with your ISP and have them go through it with you on the phone as you do it.  This will save you time and potential grief if misconfigured.
dautechAuthor Commented:
I still have to boot in safemode.. right?
You only need to boot into that mode if you intend on resetting the appliance back to factory defaults or the web interface is otherwise inaccessible.
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