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ISA 2006 forms customisation questions

I'd like to adapt a form for my business.
I have to modify the text but also the layout of the pages.
I've tested my new form in all situations and I've got a last point that bothers me: the formdir=4
When I test the form with a disabled account, I get this reply from ISA:
And then, it starts to use the Microsoft standards:
GET /CookieAuth.dll?GetPic?formdir=4&image=logon_style.css
I've already adapted usr_pwd.htm, redirect.htm, error.htm
So, I missed something somewhere but I don't know what exactly

And optionally, if you know a good book or web on forms structure and customisation, it would be great

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Wim_MichielsAuthor Commented:
In other words, I'd like to know if it's possible to remove definitely, for all parts of the form, the logon_style.css.
Seems to be possible for formdir=2 as, in that case, the reply is my own layout.
I just want to know how to do it for formdir=4
Keith AlabasterCommented:
This is the document I use but not sure if this helps you at the level you are asking. Iuse the forms already supplied rather than creating new ones.
Wim_MichielsAuthor Commented:
Thank you Keith,
That was also my conclusion: some parts of an ISA form are not a htm page but are constructed with the logon_style.css around 'SUB1' message.
So I need to adapt my form to match logon_style.css criterias.
I can't get rid off this page ;o)
Perhaps in the next version of ISA....
Keith AlabasterCommented:
Thanks :)

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