SSRS Report Manager - Subscriptions failing

Very new to SSRS. I created a report with two params (@StateDate and @EndDate). In Visual Studio, I get prompted for the dates, enter them and the report runs with no problems. I then deployed this report to the Report Manager and set up a Subscription. The subscriptions are failing and when I try to generate the report in Report Manager I get the error that it failed and 'Procedure or Function 'sp_nameofmyproc' expects parameter @StartDate which was not supplied.

So I guess I just don't know where I'm off. It works fine in Visual Studio, but fails in Report Manager.

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dodge20Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The subscriptions are failing because you need to enter a value for your 2 parameters.

You need to set the report parameters default values in the report menu-report parameters

You can hard code a default value or more likely, you can put a dynamic value in using expressions. Todays date for example;
cpm45Author Commented:
Again, very new at SSRS, in fact this was my first report. Could you please be more specific i.e. where in the report params screen do I enter the values?
cpm45Author Commented:
Disregard, I found it.
I did answer his question, the disregard part was on the location of the default parameters.
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