Why does my Google Analytics code disappear from my Dreamweaver Template when put online?

We have a fairly simple website setup. It uses Dreamweaver templates. We wanted to implement Google Analytics which should be easy enough.

I didn't design the site originally so I'll go through my thought process:

Google Analytics says to put the code before the </body> part of the html code.
If I open up a page, such as contactUs.html for example, there is a large chunk of uneditable code at the beginning and the end. This is the Dreamweaver template and it contains the </body> code.

Thus I close that html file and open up the Dreamweaver template and edit that instead. I then close it and open back up the contactUs.html file and voila, the code is right there where it should be.

Easy right? Well I then upload the files to my web server and I notice that Google Analytics isn't really tracking. Something is amiss. I go to the web page and do a right click>view source and the Google Analytics code is NOT showing up. What the heck?

So I re-download the file and view it again in Dreamweaver and, voila, the code is back.

So it appears something is filtering out the code when it's on the web server, but that the code is still actually sitting in the Template.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
Its been years since I touched Dreamweaver

Don't you have to do some sort of template update so all the files using the template pick up the changes
MadGeniusIncAuthor Commented:
That was it!

Went to Modify>Templates>Update Pages...

...and voila! Make sure you have a correct "site" defined.

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