Can I recover an open file on a frozen computer?

On occasion, a computer at one of the offices i work at will freeze.  This last time, an employee was working on an email and had quite a bit of information on it but had yet to save it.  His computer froze to the point where the mouse pointer would move but would not be able to execute any commands.  He was getting frustrated thinking all his work was lost.  I can access the C drive from another machine and was wondering, is there a temp folder where open files exist (while worked on) and may be transfered to another computer in an attempt to recover his work?
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Most data which is being worked on is stored in the PC's RAM, not in any form of temporary folder on the hard disk. There'd be no way, using the hard disk, to remotely retrieve the work.

This brings back the old rule of ensuring your users save, save, save - even in Outlook, where they can save a Draft.

Hi there,

Depending on the settings on the user's Outlook, a draft may have been saved under the drafts folder in Outlook.
That would be the only thing I could think to check in this situation.

If there is nothing in there then I am afraid there is not much one can do but encourage users to save at regular intervals as Matt suggested, especially when entering large quantities of information.

Hope this helps
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