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rocketraid RAID 5 Failing to rebuild

I have a system where the E drive is a RAID5 array of 4 1TB Seagate hard drives.  The drives are connected to a Highpoint RocketRaid 2310 controller.  I got an email from it saying that "Disk 'ST31000340AS-9QJ21HC4' at Controller1-Channel3 failed" then a few hours later i got another few emails saying "error occured on the disk at 'ST31000340AS-9QJ0N0FA' at Controller1-Channel2".  

What I did was shut it down and unplugged the channel 3 hard drive and rebooted to confirm that the virtual drive was still accessible without it so that I knew I had the right drive for channel 3.  Then I replaced that drive with a new one.  The Raid BIOS prompted me to add it to the array.  Then, in windows, I used the management utility to initialize the new drive and the array rebuild process started.  It ran for a few hours and then at about 85% it started throwing multiple errors like "".  Then after I clicked a few of those I would get a message that it "Successfully repaired bad sector on disk 'xxx' at Controller1-Channel2.  Last I get a message that the Rebuild failed.  Then it starts to rebuild again and the cycle continues.

In the Array view of the management software there is still a padlock icon beside the drive at channel 3.  

I can still access my data and have copied it off to an external drive.  Im thinking that the channel 2 disk has physical problems that prevent the controller from ever rebuilding the array, and because i just replaced the channel 3 disk that I cannot now replace the channel 2 disk.  Do I have it right?  Any ideas for how I can save the array?

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A problem that sometimes happens with RAID (and this has happened to me) is the problem is on the controller and not the drive so it reports an error on drive X when the error is really the controller or the cable. If you have a valid and tested backup and the time to do it, the best thing to do is to pull all the drives, push the backup to them and see if it shows an error, if it does, it is your controller and you will need to replace that (and when you replace the controller, replace every little part like daughter cards/cable/main card/etc) so the problem won't crop up again.

If you cannot do that, you may want to do a hard drive test on ALL the hard drives just in case as the most likely issue is still the raid controller itself as hard drives don't just go wiggy that fast without some real reason.
jdroger2Author Commented:
Do you think i could do a byte level image of the drive on channel 2 to a drive that is good then rebuild the array?
You might be able to, at this point your best option is to try whatever you can to get your data and then rebuild that array. Your array seems somewhere along the line that it is toasted, what is causing it is the only thing we need to determine.

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