Including JavaScript References in SSRS

I'd like to add the code below into an SSRS report.  Is it possible?  What would I need to do?  I don't need specifics, I just need to be prepared for another team's answer as to whether they think it's possible.  I don't even have SSRS to test.  Thought I'd toss it out here.

Didn't see anything on Google except for javascript popup links and whatnot.  I think it might be called inline JavaScript?


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
		  $.get("", { 
		    userName: "testUserName", 
		    visitSystem: "testSystem", 
		    visitTime: "testTime", 
		    pageURL: "testURL", 
		    pageVars: "testVars"} );});

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Eugene ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 Object Oriented JavaScript class library
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