Time zone of domain member in different region keeps reverting to time zone of the domain

I have a single site domain in the Pacific time zone and a domain member who splits his time between the east and west coast.  He's finding that when he is on the east coast, he'll change the time zone in Windows but that it will revert back to Pacific time after a while.  When he is on the east coast he is not connected to the domain, so he is not syncing with the DC.  He will connect to the domain occasionally via VPN, but the time change occurs more frequently than that.

Does Windows XP cache domain time zone info and periodically force the PC back to it?  I am baffled by this one.  

Can anyone suggest a cause/resolution?
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are you sure time zone on PC and domain are correctly setup

i belive when he changes his location he needs to change PC timezone
veriteqvanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replies.  

I've taken a look through the links you gave, speshalyst, and tested the Windows time service on my PDC emulator and local client computers and everything seems fine.  It is only when this one computer is off-site and disconnected from the domain that it experiences this problem.  

agamal: when this user goes east, he'll change the time zone setting through the Date and Time setting in Control Panel.  Some time later he'll notice that the time is wrong and will go back into Date and Time and see that the time zone has been changed back to Pacific.  This is repeatable, but i don't yet have info on how long it takes or if it is even consistent.  I'm getting event logs from him tomorrow so I'll have more info soon.

I appreciate the help, you guys rock!
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veriteqvanAuthor Commented:
Hi agamal,
According to the user the time zone actually changes from Eastern Time to Pacific Time.  It is not just a matter of the clock losing time.  I am going to confirm this via remote control tomorrow.

Thanks again.
veriteqvanAuthor Commented:
You called it in your first message.  User had not correctly configured the time zone, he had just changed the clock by 3 hours.  
I hate remote users ;)
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