how do I move files from UNIX AIX remote box to my local c:/ drive?

I connect via VPN to an UNIX AIX box... I would like to move some of those files to my local drive; I know how to move them using WinSCP or FileZilla; but I'd like to become more proficient in UNIX...


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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi again epifanio,

as I told you in our last case -
if you don't like to use some file transfer solution, as you say, you can work with some file sharing method -

1) use samba on the aix box to mount a share on your XP machine.
2) mount a share defined on your XP machine on AIX via cifs.
3) use an NFS client on XP to mount an AIX NFS share.

Or did you think of something quite different?


epifanio67Author Commented:
Hello Woolmilkporc..... I am sorry man... you are right... you had answer this question before... the pressure of work is just making lose my mind...

I see what you are saying...

thx man..
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