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How do I use apple script to mount a volume as a diffrent name?


    I am trying to get my windows 2003 Servers share point to mount on my client macs (all running 10.5.6) with a different name then the folder that is shared.  so to clairfy, if I mount currently via Afp in finder, the Volume that appears on the desktop is "Share" , I would like ti to be the same as our PC users with "Z-Drive".  I have attached my apple script, bellow.  If there is a way of doing this with "do shell" and triggering a bash shell would also be great.
tell application "Finder"
		set tst_ping to (do shell script "ping -c 1 ny575fs1 | tail -1")
		if "100% packet loss" is not in tst_pingt then
			mount volume "afp://transfer/share"  Test
		end if
	end try
end tell

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1 Solution
You need to mount the volume in a folder with the name of your choice.
plumtvAuthor Commented:

   Thank you for your response, I guess the question is really then:

   How can I mount a Network volume, to a folder of my choice using AppleScript. If i have to do a "do script"  statement i would need to pass a sudo with password and would like to avoid that if possible.
If that is the case, could you please include a sample bash command on doing that (bash aint' my bag)

Thank You  Again

plumtvAuthor Commented:
I resolved this by writing a block of apple script to test if the keychain for the network share is in place, and if not to prompt the user for  L/P and then create the keychain, then mount as needed.

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