Conditional Group by.. Is it Possible?

Hi I have a report I want to group by two different  fields (one or the other) and Im using a parameter.. For example lets say the user picks State, then grouping would pick and do a total by state. Otherwise the user picks Country and it does a grouping and  total by country..

So currently it will group by country but not by states.. Is there anyway to do either or? Like a Conditional grouping so to speak?? thanks in adv.
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dougvargaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Very Possible.

Create a formula called group1 - insert something similar to the following-

if {?myparameter} = "state" then {mydatabase.state} else
if {?myparameter} = "country" then {} else "error"

Then just change your group to group on that formula!
shockaconAuthor Commented:
that worked! thanks
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