How do you turn off the print banner in Outlook 2003

I have many emails to print out for a client.  When I print them, my name is across the top in a banner.  How do I turn that print banner off so that only the email prints without my name on top of it?
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JustWorkingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook doesn't support a way to change or remove the name.....number one is the best.

1. If you use Word as the editor you can hit Forward or Reply and print from Word. This will include the To/From/subject/Date information. This works with all versions except Outlook 2007.

2. Open the Message in Internet Explorer and print. This only works with HTML formatted messages and you will lose To/From/Subject/Date header.
Look for Open in Browser on the View menu of an open message in Outlook 2003 and earlier. To convert a plain text message to HTML, open the message and go to Edit, Edit message then change the format to HTML

ShezageekAuthor Commented:
I didn't think so, but I thought I would ask someone else to make sure.  I know in Groupwise, you can turn that option off and was hoping I could do so in Outlook for one of my clients.  Thanks. . . Have a great day!
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