SSIS package to update a column based on the last day of the daterangevalue

I have 2 columns in my database table one is DateRangeValue having values in form like Jan 1-15 and other column is the status.

I want to create a package which calculates if Jan15th is passed , and of the status is still 'I' it will change the status to 'C' automatically. And sends an email to user whose Lanid is also stored in the same table under one column.

Dont know much about SSIS package, please if somebody can specify the tools to be used and
step by step instructions on how to do it , I will really appreciate that. Thanks a lot, really need it for one of my program.
Thanks :)
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passion420Author Commented:
I found there is one more column in my table called DateR which stored the last date of Jan1-15 as 01/15/2008 in the table. I used the derived columns to convert this data to a common format 2008-01-15 and today's date when the package will run and compared them using the derived column and updated the column and performed other tasks accordingly.
I suggest you to buy a book, or get a free book about SQL 2005 or 2008 (I have a link in my blog to a free book, take a look)
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