Exmerge compatibility and export sizes brick layer backups

When using exmerge to do a brick layer backup of a mailbox I've started seeing that if the mailbox is over 4 gigs in size the exmerge PST is only about one half that size.  I'm pulling everything out of the dumpster so the pst should be roughly the same size as the mailbox.  Also have noticed that if I try and import the exmerge pst it reports that it is corrupt and using scanpst does not correct the issue.  I've got no confidence in the exmerge fuction.  Is it me or is there a problem here that I'm unaware of???????
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Any PST file over 2GB becomes corrupt - pst files simply cannot expand beyond that point without becoming corrupt. However, you could do this:

1. Back up a chuck of the data into its own pst file, lets say the sent items folder or perhaps half of the inbox.

2. Delete the items which you backed up. This should bring down the size of the mailbox.

3. Attempt to use exmerge to get a PST file out of the mailbox at a size smaller than 2GB.

4 If this works, restore the files from the pst backup, then delete the other half which you managed to export to a pst file. Now create a new pst backup of the other half you have left.

5. Now import both of these pst files into the users exchange account on the new network (if this is what you are doing). It will take a bit of time to upload the data you import, but it will get there. I have found that it sticks after uploaded several 100 mb, so closing outlook and opening it back up tends to kick it back into life.

6. Remember when you are deleting parts of the mailbox, it may not take effect right away. You may need to wait. a minute for it to be removed from your mailbox.

Note, this is by no means a clean or the best solution, but it worked for me, so it may work for you,
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