Virtual Server host x64 with x32 guest network card issue

I can not get  a x32 Virtual machine to communicate with the host (x64) is there an issue with the network card compatibility  
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Shouldn't be. I will be able to help you better if  you provide a little more information on what exactly your problem is and what you are trying to do.
Here is a step-by-step article on enabling Host to VM communications / file sharing:!687C72A5909E4230!199.entry

To my knowledge, there should be no issues. I have x64 VS2005 running and have x86 guest communicating with no issues on my lab setup.
patrickkobaiAuthor Commented:
The problem is I have a virtual machine manager 2007 64 bit hosting 32 bit 2003 servers I can not get the 2003 servers to communicate with the network the NIC seems to be ok it is transmitting but not receiving anything
patrickkobaiAuthor Commented:
thanks for the assistance I have found that The network card was connected to other virtual machines and when I disconnected the VMs it worked ok
Thanks again
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