iTunes API - Extract XML-based data programmatically?

The Apple iTunes store allows you to extract via RSS query ... top albums, artists etc.
This is fine ... but I'd really hope to be able to extract more info than this ... such as Top Artists for a specific region.

Anyone know of a more extensive (free) API method for iTunes?
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abelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you do want to go into that COM API, here's a article explaining how to get started using C#:, which only touches on the possibilities.
Yes, there is another more extensive API which is published as an COM interface. You can use it to get such information as short/long descriptisn, albumratings and playlists. It is quite extensive, but it requires (of course) understanding of COM interfaces, which is not easy...

Documentation on the API can be downloaded here:

Here's some remnants on why there's no webservice API available:

So, I'm afraid you either have to delve into it quite deeply, or you have to stick to the lousy front end services like many others do...
rcbuchananAuthor Commented:
Brilliant. Sorry for delay in responding!
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np @all

It's quite some work with that API, I hope it's worth the (time) investment.
@Abel - I tried to access the document you're referring to, but I can't find it on Apple's website. I registered to get access to the developer's site, but I still can't find it.

Do I need a special account?

strange, they must have changed that very recently, because the links I posted earlier were direct links and did not require any logging in at that time. Apparently Apple wants to keep track of the people who want to develop...
There are a couple of public lists on apple's site where the original iTunes SDK is still listed. However, the link redirects to the ADC (Apple Developer Center) login page (even if you are still logged in). Sounds to me that you should email them that the migration to this new system of them is not entirely without mistakes and dead links.

The SDK is mentioned at least at these links: and
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