Embedded Video wont play on web server.

I have a client who wants to play a video on our website.  She wants to know if we support the mime type .mp4 or .f4v on your server and is compression turned off.  As of right now the video will not play.  Where is IIS or on Server 2003 would I double check these items?
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CABISConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The mime types for mp4 and f4v are:

.mp4        video/mp4
.f4v            video/mp4

To add to IIS,
1. Open Computer Management. (Right-click My Computer... Manage...)
2. Under Services & Applications, Internet Information Services (IIS) Management... Properties...
3. Click MIME Types...
4. CLick New and add the extension and MIME type.
twells34Author Commented:
Thanks!  The video is now working.
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