Webcalendar mini calendar "not authorised"

I need to put an "upcoming events" calendar on a client site. Trying to build an initial test version first, so have created a virtual machine running Server2003, installed XAMPP 1.7 and downloaded Webcalendar v1.2.0 from the sourceforge website.

It comes with an installation script which has sucessfuly setup the SQL database and I am able to login to the calendar homepage.

The calendar is too big - but the documentation advises that one can put the miniature 'upcoming event' calendar in my site by embedding it in an iframe.

When I do this, and create an html page containing the required iframe, the iframe appears but contains "you are not authorized" instead of the calendar.

Searching the FAQs and reading the sourceforge forum instructs that one should ensure public access is enabled and try disabling user access control. Public access definitely enabled - I have created and can view a public calendar. User access has been enabled and disabled with no success.

Can anyone assist in getting this working? I've attached the php file - it's quite long but there's a lot of comments at the top.

Incidentally, my knowledge of php is zero . I'm an 'intermediate' level Visual Basic / Crystal reports programmer and 'advanced beginner'  in html.

Hope someone can help - driving me crazy!!!
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RobinSoftware EngineerCommented:
You have to configure what is shown via upcoming.php.
You can do this by going to your WebCalendar, and choose on the top menu Settings, Settings.
In the following page, choose Other.

Now you are in the Upcoming Events section. The error will disappear by setting the first option
to yes. Everything else for the upcoming page can be configured there also.
MDWinterAuthor Commented:
Super super awesome - thank you so much. Seriously saved me from going crazy!
I'm still gettting the same error no matter what options I choose. Even If I set everything to available, I get  the !!!You are not Authorised" message when you click the link to view the event  /webcalendar/view_entry.php?id=4&date=20090424. The popup event list comes up when you highlight the actual event...just happens when you click on the event link and opens the event page view.
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