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I need to monitor my clients servers and desktops. Servers are either Win2000 or 2003 and desktops are either XP or Vista. They want 24x7 monitoring and if something goes down I would need to be alerted via email or cell phone. I am geting more of my clients requesting the 24x7 monitoring so thought I would look into finding a solution, but there is so much out there. I want something very user friendly and cost effective. My customers want everything for nothing$. Has anyone used Power Admin / PA Server monitor? That one looked pretty user friendly and was only $99/server. The bad thing about that one is I do not think it does desktops and I would like to use the same software for both server and desktop. I will need to sit at my office and check the monitoring logs and reports of my clients so I will need remote monitoring. What is the best software out there???
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I used to use a utility called ServerNanny, which does exactly that - you setup "sensors" which monitor a variety of things like performance counters, or pingtimes, or the result of running a program. If one of them fails, it can launch programs, send emails, administrator alerts etc.

Because you can make it launch a program, or a shell script / batch files when things go wrong, the servers can be "self healing". Server's running low on space, you can make it launch the disk cleanup wizard in unattended mode while it alerts you to the problem. Internet goes down, the server can do a release/renew IP, disable/enable the network card etc.

I THINK it does text messages too but I'm not 100% sure. If it does you will need a monthly subscription to some third party service to do it.
I use IP Sentry. They have a lite and full version and there are various add ins for the full version to monitor just about anything imaginable. The cost is reasonable as well. 
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