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Novell Login Issues

I work for a school district in Texas, and we are running Novell ZenWorks 10, and we have been having a wide spread issue with log in's.  There is no consistency, with either the computer, or user.  When the user enters their Username, and Password a second "Windows Workstation" window comes up.  The same user can go to the computer right next to them and it will login just fine.  Sometimes a simple restart will allow them to log in.  If not our current solution is the following steps:

1)zac unr
2)zac unr -f
3)zac cc
4)zac reg xxxx

Then the computer will login just fine for awhile.

There has to be something wrong here.  Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated.
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1 Solution
Is ZEN 10 running on Windows or Linux or OES?

Are you using the Novell client32 at all, or just the management agent?
And isn't there problem with storing "novell" password as windows user paswords. So if one user login to novell his password is stored as local user passoword?
With ZENworks Configuration Management 10, you don't need a "novell" password.  It can use LDAP authentication.

It can't use AD for LDAP auth, though, unless you configure it to use Windows' flavor of Kerberos - if that's possible (don't know...).  LDAP SSL auth (the NORMAL way to do LDAP auth) won't work against AD...

If it's using eDirectory, they could be using  the "universal" password feature of NMAS, or if they have a modern Novell OS like OES2, they could even join their server to the AD domain as a DC, so the idea of a "novell" password is a long shot, at best.  

cchappellwestAuthor Commented:
"Is ZEN 10 running on Windows or Linux or OES?"

It is running on SLES

"Are you using the Novell client32 at all, or just the management agent?"

Yes we are running Novell client32

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