SSIS Fuzzy Matching Explained

What algorithms does the SSIS fuzzy matching component use?  I can't find anything that explains it, and at this point "magic" is my only explanation.  I am probably familiar with many of the algorithms it is possibly using, just wondering if there is a definition to the component that would shed some light on it.


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crsfsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I'm looking for an actual expalination of the algorithms it uses.

First Pass: Levenstein
Second Pass:  Longest Common Substring
Does it use different algorithms on different data types?
Does it cleanse or normalize anything?

or whatever order it actually goes.

Like I mentioned, I understand how the component works and have written my own processes as well, what I'm looking for is an explanation of what algorithms, and in what order, the component uses.

I just don't like it being a black box and assuming that it "magically" resolves records.
crsfsAuthor Commented:
didnt really answer the question.  i just want to close this question so i can quit getting emails about it.
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