"Offline Availability: Not Available" and "Access Denied" with Vista

I'm trying to set up Offline files on Vista.  The targeted file shows "offline availability: not available".  When try to open it, unsurprisingly, I get "Access Denied".  How do I fix this?

We're running Vista Enterprise SP1.  I've set Opportunity Locking on both the client and the server.  I've been banging my head against this for the last couple of days.
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Did you try to remove all offline files, disabling offile files, enabling it again and trying from scratch?
Roni_HoAuthor Commented:
As it turns out, we were trying to do offline files for a redirected folder.  The redirection was failing.  Once we got the redirection working properly, Offlline Files started working.

The problem we were having with folder redirection was that we were trying to use a mapped drive (i.e. J:\Myfiles with J: mapped to \\server\home\%username%) instead of a straight UNC (i.e. \\server\home\%username%).
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