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Insert Dynamically Added User Controls

Hello folks--this is my very first post! I'm pretty desperate so I'm going above and beyond my standard googling. I believe this is an advanced or expert-level .NET question.

The problem is that I have built a .NET web application that needs to be able to insert user controls dynamically into the middle of a list. I'm quite comfortable with dynamic controls so long they only need to be added to the end of the list (ie: I'm familiar with articles like this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms972976.aspx). However, if I need to add a UserControl to the front of a Controls collection or somewhere in the middle I'm pretty much lost since the UniqueID of the control is thrown off.

As a simplified example, let's say that i have a Panel to which I am adding a list of UserControls called MyControl.ascx. I also have some event that can get fired on the page to that needs to dynamically insert a MyControl.ascx into the specified index of the Controls collection of the panel. I also have one or more events on MyControl.ascx to which I need to subscribe. This means that the controls need to be loaded BEFORE the events on these controls would fire or else they will not fire. If you don't know to what I'm referring then I either worded the question poorly or this question might be too difficult for you :)

Below is some C# pseudocode to demonstrate the issue. The problem is that the Controls.AddAt(index, control) method does NOT adjust the UniqueID values of the controls accordingly. For example, consider the following controls in a Controls collection:

Control index             UniqueID
0                                ctl00
1                                ctl01
2                                ctl02

If i do a Controls.AddAt(0, newControl) then the Controls collection looks something like this:

Control index             UniqueID
0                                ctl03      <== the controls' unique IDs do not shift!
1                                ctl00
2                                ctl01
3                                ctl02

This means that upon reloading the page any events that get fired from these controls will be attached to the wrong controls! For example, if the user clicks on a button in ctl03 it will attach to the control that gets loaded 3rd on the postback.

Please help--this one is killing me. If you need more information or have questions please let me know and I'd be happy to provide more info. I GREATLY appreciate your help!
//--on init i just need to pull the records from the DB, turn them into a MyControl.ascx,
       //   and then add them to my panel
        protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
            //--get my List<SomethingFromDB> and iterate through, adding controls to the
            //   control collection
            List<SomethingFromDB> myList = remoteService.GetSomeListFromTheDB();
            foreach(SomethingFromDB something in List<SomethingFromDB>)
                   //--load a new MyControl.ascx
                  MyControl myControl = (MyControl )LoadControl("~/Controls/MyControl .ascx");
                   //--populate the values of myControl with the "something"
                  //--dynamically add the control to my panel
                  //--subscribe to event
                  myControl.SomeArbitraryEvent += new EventHandler(MyArbitraryHandler);
        //--This event gets fired by a magical control on the page and passes
        //   a new SomethingFromDB which needs to be inserted into the DB
        //   and then dynamically inserted into the Controls collection at the specified
        //   index
        private void SomeOtherControl_ClickInsert(object sender, MyControlEventArgs e)
              //--insert this record into the DB             
              //--dynamically load this control
              MyControl myControl = (MyControl )LoadControl("~/Controls/MyControl .ascx");
               //--get the index into which we will be inserting this control
               int index = e.NewIndex;
                  //--dynamically add the control to my panel at the specified index.
                  this.myPanel.AddAt(index, myControl);

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1 Solution
In this case, I'd probably use a session variable (or other practical mechanism) to hold the desired load-order of the controls that is updated when a control is added.  And immediately after they are initially loaded in the wrong order, remove and re-load them in the order specified in the session variable. You'll need a mechanism to manage the session variable, but it might do in a pinch.

However, it sounds like there may be a better approach.
jakejgordonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback funwithdotnet. There are definately some hacks I can pull off to get this to work but I'm most interested in figuring out the "right" way to do this as I'm in the process of building a huge website where this concept will be re-used over and over.

I'm looking for an eloquent way to either reset or manipulate unique IDs on a Controls collection or delay the assignment of the unique IDs--or something else along those lines.
The Control.UniqueId is an automatically-populated, readonly property. You could probably reset it by removing and reloading. That's about all you can do.

Since a specific load-order is required and changes, some way of tracking it must be done. whether it be by session, viewstate, datasource, etc.  I'd probably name my controls and use a custom load-order mechanism to load them every time, by name.
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jakejgordonAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, removing the controls doesn't restart the UniqueID counter (ex: ctl00, clt01, clt02, etc.) If i delete the entire parent container and re-add it then i still have the same problem. For example, if i have a page with a panel that has three controls, i can remove one of the three controls on the panel and re-add it, but the control will end with ctl03 (instead of ctl02). If i remove the entier panel and re-add it the child controls will reset, but now the panel will be named ctl01 instead of ctl00.

As for the second part of your comment I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I know the order that the controls need to be loaded and I can find where I need to insert a control in the collection... the problem is that even though the controls will be in the same order after posting back, the UniqueID for those controls will be different.
I mean I think you'll have to do what needs to be done without depending on the UniqueID, because you can't depend on the UniqueID, except knowing the UniqueID will list the controls hierarchically.  I suggest using the Control.ID property for managing the controls. Control.ID is the programmatic identifier (name) .
jakejgordonAuthor Commented:
Whether I'm actually writing code that directly depends on the UniqueID or not, .NET indirectly uses the UniqueID to link together the events that were fired on the previous postback with the controls get loaded on the new postback. Taking my previous example of:

On initial Page Load (Page.IsPostback == false)

Control index             UniqueID            Value
0                                ctl00                  value1
1                                ctl01                  value2
2                                ctl02                  value3

After a postback (Page.IsPostback == false) from some other control that wants to insert the control at index 0:

If i do a Controls.AddAt(0, newControl) then the Controls collection looks something like this:

Control index             UniqueID            Value
0                                ctl03                  value0          <== the controls' unique IDs do not shift!
1                                ctl00                  value1
2                                ctl01                  value2
3                                ctl02                  value3

So if i were to click on a linkbutton in the control with Value == value0 and UniqueID == ctl03, the controls would be ordered like the following on post-back and the UniqueIDs would not be in the order i want. This will cause the click event to attach to the wrong control:

Control index             UniqueID            Name
0                                ctl00                  value0         <== the control i wanted to throw the event
1                                ctl01                  value1
2                                ctl02                  value2
3                                ctl03                  value3          <== the actual control to which the event is attached

If i didn't have to handle events from these dynamic controls this probably wouldn't be a problem.
jakejgordonAuthor Commented:
After playing around some more I think i see what you are getting at. Since I'm actually not setting the ID of the dynamically loaded control BEFORE adding it to the panel it is just using it's own numbering. If i assign my own ID (ex: a primary key value) then it will not use the auto-incremented value. Problem solved! Thanks a ton funwithdotnet!

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