Custom Bootstrapper Package for Visual Studio 2005 - .msp not installed

I have created custom packages for a VS 2005 setup project that checks for MS Access 2003 and MS Office 2003 SP3. All works. I now need to add another package for a hotfix - MSAccess.msp. I have created the package and added it as a prereqisite to the project.
When installing, the bootstrap detects to hotfix is missing and starts the install.
A screens appears that says copying requred files, then another saying installing, then another saying configuring but the hotfix is not installed.
I have attached the product.xml file - change to .txt entension to enable loading

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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bruce_PTSAuthor Commented:
I managed a work around. In the Office 2003 SP3 there are 3 files: ohotfix.exe, ohotfix.dll and ohotfix.ini. These are in addition to the other.msp files.
I modified some properties in the ini file to suit the MSAccess hotfix - basically just the name.
In the bootstrap, I opened package.xml and updated the package files to include these additional files,
    <PackageFile Name="ohotfix.exe" HomeSite="ohotfix.exe"/>
    <PackageFile Name="ohotfix.ini" HomeSite="ohotfix.ini"/>
    <PackageFile Name="ohotfixr.dll" HomeSite="ohotfixr.dll"/>
    <PackageFile Name="MSACCESS.msp" HomeSite="MSACCESS.msp"/>

then set the command to execute the ohotfix.exe

<Command PackageFile="ohotfix.exe"

This successfully installs the patch.
I think the problem is the inbuilt commands the the installer uses to execute msi file do not support msp files. You must use an executable to fire the msp. Instead of writing my own I re-used the one from Microsoft.
I hope this helps someone else.
See primary and secondary questions and sample custom bootstrapper at this link:
Relevant excerpt:
After fishing around I was able to build a custom bootstrap for the prerequsites I need which is not part of VS 2005.   The root problem is I need info from Microsoft on what to look for to see if the 3 hotfixes need to be installed. There is no information as to what registry settings or ??? to look for. Also, the actual install files are not on Microsoft's website so they must always be copied to the directory the bootstrapper is in - so no optional download.  Note that ComponentsLocation is set to Relative.

<Target Name="Bootstrapper">
      ApplicationFile="app.msi" ApplicationName="My app"
      BootstrapperItems="@(BootstrapperFile)" OutputPath="bin"
      ComponentsLocation="Relative" Culture="pt-PT"
      Path="$(BootstrapperPath)" />    
bruce_PTSAuthor Commented:
Hi puppydogbuddy,
Thanks for the response. I am still working on this. Your solution did not really resolve the issue. I a doing cd install with the additional components on the cd. I have successfully created packages for MSAccess 2003 runtime, Office 2003 SP3 in the bootstrap. The version of the MSAccess.exe indicates if the patch has been installed. I am detecting that it has not been installed, a screen then displays saying prparing to install but then it just finishes. I think I may have to add additional commands in the package.xml as the hotfix I am tring to install is not a .msi file but a .msp.
I am hoping that will resolve it. When I do some additional testing next week I will post my findings.
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