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Allow changing proxy settings in IE7 when away from network

Hi all,

Bit of background first

The corporate network uses a proxy server for internet access. Proxy settings are set by a group policy which also sets the option preventing users from being able to change the settings (browser is IE, OS is XP).

Now I need a way that when users with laptops take them away from our network they need to disable the proxy settings but cant because of the settings in the GPO. What is the best way to enable the users of the laptops to be able to change these settings when they are no longer on our network and need to connect to the net from else where.

Is it possble for the computer to know that it is no longer on the corporate network and remove the proxy settings?
1 Solution
I would use a PAC file (Proxy auto-config). Refer to the MS site for info on this. You can specify that if the host is on a certain subnet, then to use a proxy server, otherwise connect directly.

http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/ie/ieak/techinfo/deploy/60/en/corpexjs.mspx?mfr=true (example 4).

You could change this to say that if the host is connecting on your internal subnets, then use proxy, otherwise connect directly. You can set this via GPO (automatic proxy config URL).

Here's an article where it looks like someone is trying to achieve what you want to achieve.



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