How do I stop igfxtray.exe and others from asking me to run at startup?

I have just installed Vista 32 on a pc. I went to the ASUS site and downloaded all the latest drivers and installed them. Now every time Vista starts a popup asks me if I want to run igfxtray.exe and 4 other similar named files. I have unchecked 'Ask before opening this file' but it makes no difference. How can I allow these files to run automatically?

I have Avast installed and this problem started right after I installed the Intel graphics drivers so I dont think its malware.

TIA everyone!
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Well, according to this site, it is most likely a valid file, but NOT necessary at startup.  You could disable it by using MSCONFIG.EXE in the Run dialog box, clicking on the Startup tab, and removing the check mark to stop it running when you boot the computer.
it is a file from the  Intel Graphics configuration and diagnostic application for the Intel 810 series graphics chipset, and is not vital; and is installed for ease of use via the desktop tray.
you  can run the intel graphics driver again (maybe it is not fully installed)
it is located in c:\windows\system32  where it can be deleted
JP_1981, any feedback?
JP_1981Author Commented:
Did as suggested by using msconfig to disable the files running at startup, worked  perfectly, thank you!
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