Excel Files don't open until click the MS Office button

I have a user in which when he opens any Excel file it opens to a blank blue or white screen and the actual file does not appear.  However you can go up and just click the MS Office button in the top left and then the file suddenly appears.

First time it happened, I redid his file association to make sure Excel 2007 was chosen as the file type to always open those files.  This worked for about a week.  Now it is back and this will not fix it.  It does it on every excel file weather newly created or old.  

1.  Tried a Detect and Repair of MS Office 2007  (Same problem)
2.  Tried different Profiles on this machine (Same Problem)
3.  Did a complete uninstall and reinsll of MS Office (Same Problem)
4.  Doesnt matter if you double click the file to open it or first open Excel and then click file, open and brouse to the excel file you want to open
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It's an Excel 2007 bug. Check this:


CompservtechsAuthor Commented:
WONDERFUL.  Easy and fixed it in 2 seconds.  THanks
I'm getting 403 Access Denied going to http://computerservices.royalroads.ca/excel2007-bug
Does anyone have the fix?
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