Admin client's mailbox overview does sometimes show the Database Link instead of the new location of mailbox after mailbox move (Lotus Domino 7.0.3)

We are in Lotus Domino 7.0.3 moving selected mailboxes (.nsf files) from D:\Data\Mail\ to G:\.
E.g. we move D:\Data\Mail\user1.nsf to G:\user1.nsf
After the move we create Database Link's for each moved mailbox, containing the path/filename for the new location.
E.g. we create D:\Data\Mail\user1.nsf which contains G:\user1.nsf
Each created Database Link works 100% fine, and Lotus Domino provides access to the relocated mailbox.
In Lotus Notes we see the new location in the admin client's mailbox overview.
E.g. it shows User1 > G:\user1.nsf
However sometimes, after moving a mailbox (to which access works 100% fine), the admin client's mailbox overview does not show the new location, but rather the Database Link, e.g.:
User1 > D:\Data\Mail\user1.nsf
Despite the admin client shows the Database Link, the mailbox is perfectly accessible for the user1 in Lotus Notes, so it is only a matter of (potential) misleading information shown.
We have not seen this behaviour when we perform the move (or create the Database Link) from within the admin client.
We have seen the behaviour sometimes when we create the Database Link "by hand" through the Windows file explorer.
We most often see the behaviour when we perform the move "semi-automatic" through script.
We do prefer to perform the move "semi-automatic" through script, as this reduce the risk of failure, as well as allow us to perform the moves of many mailboxes "unattended" over night.
The script we have is shown below.
We have a guess that it may somehow be a time issue, i.e. the time after move, until we have the Database Link created, and a service (agent) within Domino has detected the change.
Can you tell us why this happens, and eventually what we need to beware of?
Is it really a service (agent) and time that comes into play?
Would it help (prevent the behaviour) if we during the move and creation of Database Links, simply stop all Domino services (agents)?
@echo off
set source=D:\Data\mail
set destination=G:
set logfilefolder="C:\temp\moving"
set logfile="C:\temp\moving\movenotesfiles.log"
set oldlogfile="movenotesfiles.old"
set ListOfFiles="C:\temp\moving\ListOfFiles.txt"
echo About to move the following files:
type %ListOfFiles%
echo ARE you REALLY sure about this?
echo. Press CTRL+C if not!
goto START
echo Moving files...
del %logfilefolder%\%OldLogfile% >NUL 2>>&1
ren %Logfile% %OldLogfile% >NUL 2>>&1
time /t >>%LOGFILE%
FOR /F "delims="  %%a IN (c:\temp\moving\listoffiles.txt) do (echo. >>%LOGFILE% 2>>&1 & if not exist %destination%\%%a (echo Moving file %source%\%%a >>%LOGFILE% 2>>&1 & move %source%\%%a %destination%  >>%LOGFILE% 2>>&1 & if exist %destination%\%%a (echo %destination%\%%a > %source%\%%a)))
echo. >>%LOGFILE%
time /t >>%LOGFILE%
goto END
echo Moving completed.

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I think it is a timing issue, and eventually t should resolve itself.

I would use the admin client to do this if at all possible.

Moving DBs at the OS level while Domino is running is NOT recommended !

I hope this helps !
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
One first remark: I seem to remember that you should never put databases in the root directory of a disk.
Second remark: why do you do that? Is the disk full? There's a much easier way: put ALL mail database in g:\mail, and make in the Domino data directory a file called mail.dir; it's a text-file containing only the line
slemmesmiAuthor Commented:
We had all domino processes stopped during the productive move, and after starting the processes again, everything looked fine. Unknown whether time really played a role.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I think that at least SysExpert's remark with "moving databases on a running system is NOT recommended" should be rewarded, it must have triggered you to stop all Domino processes.

Please read the Help on how to close a question.
slemmesmiAuthor Commented:
Dear all,
the stop of Domino processes was done as part of a general server maintenance (including OS patch/hotfixes installation), requiring multiple reboots. Processes thus stopped, not because of moving databases, but to avoid potential problems caused by other work. The recommendation not to move databases on a running system, does not answer my question. I no longer care about an answer, as the problem was overcome (maybe by server restart, process restart, patches/hotfixes) in the end.
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