Cannot setup remote ICA client to Citrix presentation 4.5 server

I have setup a Presentation 4.5 server and all my internal LAN client could access the server through ICA Client - Citrix XenApp v.10. My users could also access my Citrix Web interface through the public internet.

However, if I install the ICA client in remote client laptop, it pop up with the following errors :

The ICA browser did not return any server names. You can enter server addresses in the Address List for the application set if there are no Citrix XenApp computers in your local subnet.

Although I have select protocal as "TCP/IP" and I have specified the server address and Network protocal with "TCP/IP" under the Server Location, it still couldn't work.  Can I use Citrix XenApp program neighborhood to connect to Citrix  ? Thanks.
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janhellaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, but that dosn't stop potentional hackers from launching an attack at your publicly known citrix servers. With CSG (free product from citrix) all citrix servers on the inside will be hidden from the internet, and all communications must be done through SSL.
Can I use Citrix XenApp program neighborhood to connect to Citrix  ? NO
If you can, you must implement a secure remote access solution as soon as possible (CSG, CAG etc.), it's not a good idea to expose your internal servers to the internet.

AXISHKAuthor Commented:
I was told before that ica connection with Program Neighborhood is encrypted, which mean the password is not sent to internet over plain text.  Is it correct ?

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