CR 11 is not showing all functions of a VB6.0 DLL but registration is successful in system32 folder

CR 11 is not showing all functions of a VB6.0 DLL but registration is successful in system32 folder
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smuralissmAuthor Commented:
Hi Found my own way out.
Cr 11.5 does not support VB DLL wich has dynamic objects being sent to them as function arguements.
So what we had to re-write the way we use the dynamic object by refering another function.

thanks all for the support.
Are you saying that, in a single given UFL DLL, some of the functions are shown, but others are not?
If that's so, it is because of one of the 2 reasons:

1.   User Defined Functions code must be declared PUBLIC.
2.  The function must return a valid data type, it cannot return a variant. The data types
supported are:
Integer, Long, Single, Double, Currency, Date, Boolean, and String.
smuralissmAuthor Commented:
Hi  Spangdelta
Thanksfor your reply.
But I do have the return values for all functions and there are no functions with variant return type.
1. All my UFLS are public.
Note : I have CR 8.5 and CR 11 on the same pc. The DLL works very well with 8.5 exhibiting all my functions in the DLL it dosent do the same in cr 11 R2 delveoper edition
I am  using a Winxp sp2.
The project I am doing is CR 8.5 to 11 conversion so I need cr 8.5 also.
Any suggestions,.
I am exactly the same configuration, doing the same thing - conversion from 8.5 to XI R2.
Our only difference is that I installed XI on top of 8.5, instead of alongside....

XI is backward-compatible all the way to version 6, I believe, so I didn't do a side-by-side installation.  I've converted over 300 reports without a hitch.
If you wish, I could put your VB6 DLL on my test machine and see what happens...
smuralissmAuthor Commented:

I figured out hte glitch. CR 8.00 allows Objects and Collections to be present as paramenters in my VB ACTIVEX DLL.

It seems that CR XI does hot allow these to be parameters. I have made a work around to this and now this are working fine.

THanks for your comments,
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