Can BDD 2007 integrate .MSI packages

I have inherited a WDS server, and I have had success in rolling out the OS, drivers and some applications. I can integrate Adobe Reader 8 and MS Office 2003 (both of these run from .exe files). I have tried to roll out language packs for Adobe reader, and a Visio Viewr (both of which install from a .msi file). I have had no success with the .msi files. Does anyone know if BDD 2007 (I beleive it is PRE patch 1) can handle .msi files?
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HayesJupeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i think "kill your dist points" is a bit of an excessive description... but the move to mdt 2008 will require some manual updates.
If you follow the upgrade guide - (which is still only a couple of steps), i would expect the upgrade would go smooth (it does for us... but doesnt mean that it will for everyone!)
sure can, you add anything you want to install and the appropriate command line to the applications node.
also, do yourself a favour and move to mdt 2008.... (mdt 2010 isnt that far off either....)
xyratexAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the comment. I realised I was in error as i was missing part of the command when I was trying to use the .msi.

I was looking at moving to MDT 2008, but I read that this might kill my distribution points. Is it a seamless transition? I am still new to WDS and dont want to kill it unnecessarily.
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