Bypass Integrated Windows Authentification and using IP Address Access

We have an application installed in a company that uses Intgrated Windows Authentification and this works great for users.

The company wants to deploy kiosk touch-screens with Vista Home on them and load certain pages on them so that these kiosks automatically boot up into these pages.

On the kiosks our application pops-up a windows authentification login box since it is not recognizing any windows authentificated login.

Is there a way to bypass this say by looking at the IP address (which we can get as a fixed address) or some other method?

I want to avoid installing a second copy of the application just to accommodate these kiosks.

Application is, and using IIS6 on Windows 2003 server
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resourcesysConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solution found,

We created a new Virtual Directory in IIS pointing to the existing application and then allowed anonymous on this Virtual Directory. We then control access to this within our application by IP Address.

This means we have only one install of the application supporting both/mixed mode authentication

We can allow certain IP addresses to access the site with out authentication. Site Properties you set those IP address.
resourcesysAuthor Commented:
Hi Apeter,

Can you give me instructions on how to do this. Where in the Site Properties do you set those IP Address?

I assume you're not referring to the section IP Address and domain name restrictions?
All PCs' except the Kiosks need to have Integrated Windows Authentification working.

I guess a site can have only one Authentication Mode. Looks like you have to write Custom ISAPI filter and u can authenticate based on the requests(PC's or Kisoks) coming in.
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