McAfee Virus Scan 7.1 for Net App not scanning filer

I have installed McAfee VirusScan 7.1 onto a scanning server.  It connects to the filer successfully and on the filer it is registed as a Vscan Server.  However, if I check the statistics of the AV scanners in the NetApp Appliance AV console - it is 0.  If I turn off the AV Scanning server - I am still allowed to write files, even though the mandatory_scan option is set to on on the filer.  The On Access scan properties are to read from disk, write to disk and scan network drives.
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dgirl365Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi legalsrl.

Ive solved this problem.  At first it wasnt detecting the EICAR test file.  It was letting me write straight to the server.  
The virusscan version is 8.6.
No - the on-network drives was not being disabled.
There are entries in the los
I also checked the debugging but no issues there.

It was a really simple solution :

On the filer - I logged on as root and typed Vscan On.  This started the scanning.  Up until then I had been typing the vscan options command.  By accident I typed Vscan and saw that it wasnt enabled.

Thanks for your reply.
legalsrlConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Some questions...

Could you tell me more about the servers ?
Are any entries in the logs ?
Does it detect the EICAR test file ?
What version of VirusScan Enterprise are you using on your desktops ?
Is the on-network drives option being disabled shortly after enabling it ?

Can you turn on debug logging and let me have the debug logs

 Enable debug logging:

   1. Click Start, Programs, Network Associates, Network Appliance AV Scanner Console.
   2. Double-click on the <Scanner Server name>.
   3. Press <CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D> to enter diagnostic mode.
   4. Click the Statistics tab.
   5. Check Enable TraceDBG messages.
   6. Click OK.

Debug messages are now logged to: %AllUsersProfile\Application Data\Network Associates\VirusScan\avtrace.txt

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