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One of our desktop users has an issue with printing from IE7. I am aware of the Shrink to Fit issue with IE7, and the registry key to override it (see KB932538), but after setting that registry key, it defaults to 100% in Print Preview but does not actually abide by that scale (ie, still prints as if it's shrinking to fit). Another desktop user with what appears to be the same configuration and printing to the same printer with the same driver does not have this issue. Printing from IE6 has the same problem; printing from Firefox does not. All available patches have been installed. The system is running Windows XP SP3. Any assistance is appreciated. If I can't find a resolution I'm probably going to just re-image the system.
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candilea80Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We ended up re-imaging his workstation, applying the registry key again and for whatever reason this time it stuck. Thanks.
Could be the printer settings doing the scaling?  On the properties of my printer I have an Effects tab and some Resizing Options with a Scale to Fit option.
candilea80Author Commented:
Thank you for your response. However, we do not have any Effects options on our printer. I checked through all other available tabs and found nothing indicating a setting that would affect print scaling.
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