Packet filtering

Hi there,  I am currently receiving large packets to a server on port 14641 which are causing problems for a project i am currently working on.  Does anyone know of a possible solution that i could filter packets coming into the server on that port and setup rules to wether or not they should be allowed to continue?  Like some sort of interceptor type thing.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit:  The server is running on windows server 2003 x64
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You can do it with software firewall, or on router, if there any is.
add... software firewall which is installed on that windows server / or hardware firewall on your network
Si_Author Commented:
Thanks you for your reply, have you got any experience with this or do you know of a specific firewall that is capable of doing exactly what i need.  I have tried a few and they have only had the capabilities of logging packets.

The server is connected directly to the internet so there is no router.
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