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Gateway Question

Hi there

On the network where I work we have in all 3 different gateways to the internet

At the moment if I am on gateway B I can't carry out any work on the network that is home to gateway A or C and vica versa unless I switch to that gateway (manually)

our network is mainly connected via Cisco 2950's

Its starting to cause an issue as gateway A is where one of us works on the intranet database, but if they want to download anything software wise etc for his work he finds it so slow that he has to switch onto a different gateway manually (where there is a better connection) but then loses the ability to work until his download is finished

What is the best way of allowing us to have access to all gateways on the network whilst my gateway is set to either A B C so I can enjoy faster speeds and still work on the slower networks

Is a router my only option?
1 Solution
You could manually add routing tables to the clients.

Are the clients Windows, Linux or other?
What type of internet connection do you use? I would say some type of load aggregation would do the trick, weather it be a multiple wan router, or aggregation software, this would combine your bandwidth for faster downloads, and provide NAT.
24playAuthor Commented:
They are windows machines

We have alot of users that use Gateway A

The other gateways are used soley for certain - more important people shall we say

So we don't want to allow everyone the ability (we only DHCP with gateway A)

The internet connection is all satellite
a hardware load-balancing/aggregation router would allow you to specify where each connection goes, so you could use each connection for specific duties, they also provide failsafe/rollover in the event one connection goes out the others can pick up the slack.
You could either add a router with interfaces on each network / gateway and an advanced routing protocol such as EIGRP to handle load balancing, and L3 switch to do the same, or routes on the machines. If you do the routes, it will be the least cost but offer no load balancing. Unfortunately the 2950 is a layer 2 switch so it does not support routing.

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