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How do you get into safe mode with out using F8 or msconfig's boot ini file? This is in windows xp.
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There's no other way of accessing Safe Mode in Windows other than the two methods you describe. It's either F8 or the trick to modify the boot.ini prior to restarting the computer.

Other than the methods you mentioned, the only other one that comes to mind is pressing reboot while Windows is booting a couple of times in a row. That should trigger the same recovery menu that comes up when you use F8.
I found another way or Hack as you like:  
           If you cannot use the F8 key on your Wind with XP Home or Pro (I couldn't because on startup there is a prompt for the F3 key), then an alternative is to switch the power off by holding the power key down during Windows boot-up (when you see the Microsoft Windows XP splash screen against the black background). If it doesn't work for you on the first time, try a few times. Eventually you will get a message stating that "Windows has recovered from a serious error during startup", and you will have many options to boot into Windows including in Safe Mode.
NOTE: This operation can corrupt the OS I have actually had it happen. Just a word to the wise.
chsmithchAuthor Commented:
thank you for your help
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