what is the best network setup - WAN folder sharing

I have a wide area network and a shared folder at the head office on a win 2003 server.   5 win XP users travel to a different remote location for 2 weeks at a time and access this shared folder thru an application.  Users have to map a local drive on their PCs to use the application.  This setup is very slow because each query has to go to the head office first.  

I have tried creating a shared folder at a remote office and seen that if users access the share from there, speed is very fast for them. If the 6 users are at head office, speed is very fast as well. I don't want to create local shares at each remote location/ or on a users share because they are so many - over 150.  In addition, usually 1 or 2 users have to access the shared folder from Head office all the time and speed will be slow for these 2

What is the best way to setup this scenario for increased speed on a WAN for this particular application or is there a way I can create an efficient replication mechanism.  I can't increase bandwidth .
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ashwin_kumar525Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can go for replication software's like CA Xosoft or Double Take. You can utilize your WAN link to replicate the data and even limit the amount of band width you want for the replication.
sherydAuthor Commented:
CA Xosoft looks good.  Am still going through it. Does the software keep a cache of the folder in use on the users local PC - for faster access /recoverability?
Nope, not the local PC. Only on the machines where you have the reeplication engine is installed.

It is a Server to Server replication, does not involve client PC's.
sherydAuthor Commented:
this will have to do although I was hoping for something free !
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